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    In the Scheer Network, Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer brings innovative ideas and brilliant minds together to turn bold visions into reality. Our commitment to achieving this goal is driven by the motivation to create value and use our strategies to achieve measurable business success for our customers. As an internationally established digital business network, we want to play our part in making the world and the way we work more sustainable. Innovation isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s an inner belief. Research and creativity are the engine and the fuel that drive our companies forward.

    Inspired by the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of its founder, Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer, the Scheer Network has been an established network of experts and researchers for over 40 years. With enthusiasm, passion and expertise, over 1,200 employees not only implement global customer and research projects, but are also welcome speakers and guests at numerous exciting panel formats and high-profile events.

    On this page you can learn more about the pioneer Prof. Dr. August Wilhelm Scheer as well as about the people in the network and the stories that connect us.

    Organigramm des IDS Scheer Network

    Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer

    “My goal in establishing IDS Scheer Holding and the Scheer Network is to support companies with their ideas and growth strategies and make Germany an even better place to innovate.”

    Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer

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