• Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer

    Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer

    Mentoring for entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation

    The idea and initiative to develop the Scheer Digital Network come from the entrepreneurial success of the internationally renowned academic Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer. He founded the business network of innovative IT companies in the fields of process automation, digital learning as well as a non-profit research institute,

    which he supports as a committed trend-setter and mentor. He assists established businesses in the network on their growth journey and advises young companies on how to successfully expand their business models.

    August-Wilhelm Scheer

    “In the long term, the companies that can flexibly adapt to constantly changing circumstances will succeed. This flexibility calls for a transformation to the “composable enterprise”.

    August-Wilhelm Scheer

    A 40-year success story with a future

    In the Scheer Digital Network, Prof. Scheer brings innovative ideas and brilliant minds together to turn bold visions into reality. His commitment is driven by his mission to make a substantial contribution toward making Germany a leading center for digital innovation and shepherding convincing products and solution toward global success.